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Today’s best deals: Google Nest Hub, Apple TV 4K, and more

Today’s best deals: Google Nest Hub, Apple TV 4K, and more

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It’s Wednesday, which means the time has come for another Dealmaster. Our latest roundup of the best tech deals from around the web includes a strong discount on Google’s Nest Hub, as the 7-inch smart display is down to $55 at several retailers. We’ve seen a handful of discounts on the device in recent months, but this deal matches the lowest price we’ve tracked, coming in at $45 off Google’s MSRP.

We reviewed the latest Nest Hub positively after it launched last year, deeming it particularly useful as a bedside companion. The device includes an optional sleep-tracking feature, which our testing found to work surprisingly well, providing largely accurate and consistent data about how long you’re in bed, how long it takes you to fall asleep, how many times you get out of bed, and when you wake up, among other details. The approach here is more about detailing if you’re sleeping enough than digging deep in the weeds about the quality of your sleep, but it works, and the whole process should be more comfortable than keeping a sleep-tracking smartwatch or fitness wearable strapped on throughout the night. There is a caveat, though: While the feature is free for now, Google plans to roll it into Fitbit’s $10-a-month Premium service next year.

Besides the sleep-tracking hook, the Nest Hub does just about all the other Google Assistant things you’d expect (answering search queries, controlling smart home devices, showing recipes in the kitchen, etc.), which we generally find more useful in this class of device than Amazon’s Alexa. The device’s built-in speakers, while not amazing in a vacuum, are improved enough over the first-gen model to make casual music or podcast streaming not-aggravating. The 1024×600 resolution display isn’t especially sharp, either, but it’s enough to get by on a 7-inch touchscreen. The hardware as a whole doesn’t call too much attention to itself, and while you likely know where you stand when it comes to the privacy concerns inherent to all voice assistant-based devices, the Nest Hub does omit any sort of built-in cameras, which might provide some extra peace of mind.

In general, smart displays like the Nest Hub remain far from essential devices for most people, but if you think the conveniences they can provide might be worth it, this is a good value for a well-rounded model. If you’d like a larger smart display, note that the 10-inch Nest Hub Max is also on sale for a low of $170, though that model does not come with sleep-tracking functionality.

If you have no interest in letting another Google device in your home, though, our roundup has plenty more deals of note. The Apple TV 4K might get an upgrade in the coming months, but the current model is still plenty capable for most streaming needs, avoids the ad-stuffed UIs of cheaper platforms, and pairs smoothly with other Apple devices. It’s currently discounted to $130, which is a bit above the all-time low we saw on Amazon Prime Day but still marks a $50 cut from Apple’s MSRP.

Beyond that, Amazon subsidiary Woot is taking $25 off select models of Nintendo’s travel-friendly Switch Lite console, Bose’s noise-canceling and highly comfortable QuietComfort 45 headphones are back down to $279, and a number of AMD Ryzen CPUs are down to new lows across Amazon and Newegg. For the latter, remember that AMD’s AM5 platform and upgraded Ryzen 7000 chips are around the corner. But for those wanting to keep an existing AM4-based PC a bit more relevant on a budget, some of the discounted CPUs below, like the integrated-GPU-equipped Ryzen 5 5600G, might still have their uses.

You can find those deals—plus discounts on Kindle Unlimited subscriptions, Tile trackers, LG TVs, and more gear we like—in our full curated roundup below.

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Google's second-generation Nest Hub.
Enlarge / Google’s second-generation Nest Hub.

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Bose's QuietComfort 45 noise-canceling headphones.
Enlarge / Bose’s QuietComfort 45 noise-canceling headphones.

Jeff Dunn

The Apple TV 4K with Apple's improved Siri Remote.
Enlarge / The Apple TV 4K with Apple’s improved Siri Remote.

Jeff Dunn

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The display on the 2021 14-inch MacBook Pro.
Enlarge / The display on the 2021 14-inch MacBook Pro.

Samuel Axon

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The Nintendo Switch Lite.
Enlarge / The Nintendo Switch Lite.

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The imaginative platformer <em>Super Mario Odyssey</em>.
Enlarge / The imaginative platformer Super Mario Odyssey.


The stylish puzzler <em>Tetris Effect: Connected</em>.
Enlarge / The stylish puzzler Tetris Effect: Connected.

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