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Apple Statistics 2024 By Income And Details



Apple Statistics: A whole lot of merchandise can be found on the worldwide Apple market, so we’d like clarification about which one to purchase. This text will clear all of your doubts about this model because it consists of a number of insights, present tendencies, and segmental analyses that may information you higher concerning the market. So, let’s dive into the paper and perceive completely different product statistics and different fascinating elements. All the main points will allow you to uncover your greatest Apple product.

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  • World income earned by Apple was USD 383.29 billion within the monetary 12 months 2023, and nearly 52% got here from iPhone gross sales.
  • Within the 1st quarter of 2024, Apple’s estimated income can be round USD 119.6 billion.
  • In america, web gross sales generated by Apple’s was roughly USD 50.43 billion within the 1st quarter of 2023.
  • By March 2024, the U.S. expects to have above 42% of Apple’s web gross sales, adopted by Europe with a 25% share.
  • California can have the very best variety of Apple shops, as much as roughly 54 by October 2023.
  • The Smartphone phase owned nearly 20.5% of Apple’s market share.
  • Apple’s complete complete model worth was roughly USD 880.5 billion.
  • In 2023, iPhone gross sales have declined from final 12 months, leading to 231.3 million items.
  • Round 161 thousand full-time workers have been solely accessible within the firm by 2023 finish.
  • By the top of 2025, Apple’s service income is predicted to be USD 50 billion.

What’s Apple?

Apple, Inc. is an American digital multinational firm that manufactures computer systems, iPhones, iPads, wearables, equipment, companies, and so on. The headquarters of Apple is in Cupertino, California, U.S.A., which was based as a partnership by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976. That is additionally one of many largest corporations all over the world with an above USD 2 trillion market capitalization.

Normal Apple’s statistics

  • Based on a report revealed by Statista, Apple is understood to be the 2nd most dear model globally, and its estimated model valuation was USD 297.5 billion within the third quarter of 2023.
  • The U.S. has a complete variety of energetic iPhone items of 153 million in 2023.
  • Apple has generated round USD 41.1 billion in income by promoting wearables and equipment.
  • It’s supposed that by the top of 2024, Apple’s revenue enlargement can be 7.6%.
  • Nearly 35% of individuals will use Apple iPhones and watches in 2024.
  • By 2027, India goes to assemble as much as 50% of iPhones.
  • The corporate has greater than 1 50,000 energetic workers globally, of which men and women share 61% and 38%, respectively.
  • As of 2023, Apple earns round USD 1,820 in every second.

By Income

  • Apple’s quarterly generated income in 2023 are 1st quarter (USD 117.1 billion), 2nd quarter (USD 94.8 billion), 3rd quarter (USD 81.7 billion), and 4th quarter (USD 89.4 billion).
  • Within the 1st quarter of 2024, Apple’s estimated income can be round USD 119.6 billion.
  • iPhone’s quarterly income generated in 2023 are 1st quarter (USD 65.77 billion), 2nd quarter (USD 51.33 billion), 3rd quarter (USD 39.6 billion),4th quarter (USD 43.8 billion), 1st quarter of 2024 (USD 69.7 billion).
  • iPad’s quarterly income earned in 2023 are Q1 (USD 9.39 billion), Q2 (USD 6.67 billion), Q3 (USD 5.79 billion), This autumn (USD 6.44 billion), and it’s anticipated that in 2024 by 1st quarter income is anticipated to be USD 7.02 billion.
  • Quarterly income generated by Mac in 2023 is adopted by Q1 (USD 7.7 billion), Q2 (USD 7.1 billion), Q3 (USD 6.84 billion), This autumn (USD 7.6 billion), and 1st quarter of 2024 (USD 7.7 billion).
  • By 2023, international income generated by Apple companies accounted for USD 85.1 billion and is anticipated to cross USD 23.1 billion by the 1st quarter of 2024.

By Area

  • As of 2023, Apple’s highest income was generated by America, leading to USD 162.5 billion.
  • Moreover, different areas generated income, adopted by Europe (USD 94.2 billion), China (USD 72.5 billion), Japan (USD 24.2 billion), and the Remainder of Asia Pacific (USD 29.6 billion).

By Merchandise

(Reference: mspoweruser.com)

  • Based on a report by M.S.M.S. Energy Consumer, 88% of individuals globally have one iPhone.
  • Different product utilization share is adopted by iPad (73%), Mac pc (50%), and Apple Watch (58%).
  • 35percentof the worldwide market share was accounted for by Apple’s pill in 2023.
  • Whereas the Smartphone phase owned 20.5% of the share.
  • Then again, within the international P.C.P.C. market, Mac accounts for a market share of seven.2%.

iPhone Statistics

  • Based on a report revealed by Demand Sage, in 2023, there can be round 1.46 billion energetic iPhone customers accessible within the international market and anticipated to achieve above 1.56 billion by 2024 finish.
  • Roughly 135.97 million customers have been accessible within the U.S.
  • In 2024, 28.8% of smartphone shares globally belong to iPhone.
  • In the meantime, different nations market share are U.S.U.S. (61.3%), China (22.37%), and India (4.02)
  • In 2023, iPhone gross sales have declined from final 12 months, leading to 231.3 million items.
  • The best gross sales of iPhones accounted for by the Americas was 98.1 million items.
  • Different area’s gross sales items are Europe (56.8 million), China (43.7 million), Japan (14.6 million), and the Remainder of Asia Pacific (17.8 million).
  • Based on Apple Statistics, iPhone gross sales are 849.450 per day, 35,393 (per hour), 590 (per minute), and 10 (per second)


(Supply: demandsage.com)

  • Female and male customers share of iPhones are 51% and 49% respectively.
  • The most well-liked age group customers lie between 16 years and 34 years.


(Reference: demandsage.com)

  • In 2023, the worldwide market share of the iPhone was 27.6%.
  • The best market share was accounted for by the North American area, leading to 54.76%.
  • Different areas market shares are adopted by South America (14.33%), Asia (15.94%), Europe (35.84%), Oceania (55.55%), and Africa (14.18%).

iPhone App Statistics by Income


(Reference: bigohtech.com)

  • The highest in style iPhone Apps in 2023 are Honor of Kings, TikTok, Youtube, and P.U.B.G. Cell, with income earned of USD 1.652 billion, USD 1.379 billion, USD 1.058 billion, and USD 0.936 billion, respectively.
  • Different apps income share are Genshin Influence (USD 0.922 billion), Tinder (USD 0.641 billion), Sweet Crush Saga
  • (USD 0.4989 billion), Disney+ (USD 0.4983 billion), Robolox (USD 0.491 billion), and Romance Three Kingdoms (USD 0.455 billion).

iPhone Worth Statistics

(Supply: statista.com)

iPad statistics

  • By 1st quarter finish of 2024, nearly 5.87% to six% of the corporate’s complete income share was accounted for by iPad.
  • In 2023, quarterly income shares of iPad have been adopted by 1st quarter (8.02%), 2nd quarter (7.03%), 3rd quarter (7.08%), and 4th quarter (7.2%).
  • Within the 1st quarter of 2023, Apple iPad shipments dominated the market with a 50% share, leading to 10.8 million items.
  • Based on a report revealed by Statcounter in 2023, region-wise market share of iPads was Japan (75.64%), Oceania (78.1%), North America (55.8%), Europe (49.32%), Denmark (76.07%), Canada (67.45%), and Norway (66.65%).
  • Not too long ago, 50% of iPads have been working below the newest iPadOS 16.
  • Well-liked share of iPad fashions 11-inch and 12.9-inch variations (44%), 10.2-inch iPad (26%), iPad Air (19%), and iPad Mini (7%).
  • In america, nearly 56% of companies use Apple iPads.
  • The best-grossing app in the usU.S. is Robolox

Apple Mac Statistics

  • Based on a report revealed by Statista, by the 1st quarter of 2024, gross sales income by Apple Mac computer systems can be USD 7.78 billion.
  • By the top of 2023, international shipments of Mac recorded 5.9 million items.
  • As of 2024, greater than 100 million Mac customers can be found worldwide.
  • Mac has bought out 10% of laptops and private computer systems thus far.
  • MacOS Catalina dominates the worldwide market with a share of 87.44% in January 2023.
  • In america, MacOS is 2nd hottest working system, with a share of 30%.
  • Ladies are the very best customers, with a 66% share.
  • In the meantime, within the U.S., 31% of Millennials are utilizing MacBooks.
  • 53% of MacBook customers residing in small cities and rural customers in America
  • Then again, 87% of engineering professionals are utilizing this system of their work discipline.

Apple Pay Statistics

  • Not too long ago, in america, 85% of retailers are utilizing the cost methodology by Apple Pay.
  • As of 2023, complete customers of Apple Pay accounted for 48.7 million.
  • In the meantime, international customers are going to extend within the coming years, akin to in 2024 (51.5 million), 2025 (54.2 million), and 2026 (56.7 million).
  • Technology share statistics by Apple Pay are Gen Z (73.1%), Bridge Millennial (51.1%), Millennial (52.4%), and Child Boomers (43.9%).
  • The utmost variety of customers belongs to america, leading to 39,781, with a 56% share.
  • Whereas different nations’ customers and shares are adopted by the UK (6368 and 9%), Canada (4941 and seven%), and Australia (3585 and 5%).
  • Complete variety of customers and person shares primarily based on trade statistics are retail (17981 and 26%), attire and vogue (5136 and seven%), manufacturing (4771 and seven%), and meals and drinks (3605 and 5%).

Apple Watches Statistics

(7-year Analyses From 2020 to 2026)

(Supply: insiderintelligence.com)

  • As of the above graph analyses, there are 28.4 million Apple watch customers in america of America, with a market development of seven.9%.
  • By the top of 2024, the whole variety of Apple customers is anticipated to achieve 30.3 million.
  • Moreover, within the coming years, Apple customers will enhance, akin to in 2025 (31.9 million) and 2026 (33.4 million).

Apple T.V. Statistics

(5-year Analyses From 2022 to 2026)

(Supply: insiderintelligence.com)

  • Based on Apple statistics, 42.1 million people worldwide use Apple T.V., a 12.4% share of the whole inhabitants.
  • In the meantime, Apple T.V. customers are going to extend within the coming years, akin to in 2024 (44.1 million), 2025 (45.9 million), and 2026 (47.7 million).
  • Apple T.V.T.V. customers statistics by inhabitants share in 2024 (12.9%), 2025 (13.3%), and 2026 (13.8%).

By System Site visitors


(Reference: semrush.com)

  • In January 2024, desktop and cell system visitors of apple.com accounted for 39.94% and 60.06%, respectively.
  • America holds the very best visitors at 36.78%, leading to 315.21 million, wherein desktop and cell guests have a share of 43.11% and 56.89%, respectively.
  • Different nations system visitors are India = 4.99% (42.81 million), Japan = 4.29% (36.77 million), the UK = 4.03% (34.57 million), and Brazil = 3.43% (29.39 million).
  • Nation-wise desktop and cell guests shares are adopted by India = (28.34% and 71.66%), Japan = (42.94% and 57.06%), the UK = (50.03% and 49.97%), and Brazil = (31.76% and 68.24%) respectively.

By Internet Site visitors


(Supply: similarweb.com)

  • As of January 20, 2024, America was essentially the most visited nation. United States of America had 33.18 % of complete visitors to Apple.com nevertheless, it registered the very best development of 1.4 % within the complete variety of website guests.
  • Different nations which have recorded the whole variety of guests and visitors contribution Japan is 5.57 % (+4.8 %) The UK = 4.9% (+3.61 %), Canada = 4.02 % (+1.04 %) and China is 3.89 % (-4.61 %)
  • Whereas the remainder of the nations made the whole share of net visitors of 48.44 %.

By Demographics


(Reference: similarweb.com)

  • Based on Apple Statistics, the very best variety of customers noticed on Apple.com is between 25 and 34 years previous, accounting for 32.17% of the share.
  • Round 20.78% of web site customers are between 35 and 44 years previous.
  • 55% and 14.39% belong to 18 – 24 years and 45 – 54 years, respectively.
  • 84% of customers are aged between 55 and 64 years.
  • And 5.27% of customers are from the age group above 65 years.
  • The gender share of apple.com is 58.02% male and 41.98% feminine.

By Site visitors Sources


(Reference: similarweb.com)

  • Probably the most visitors to apple.com is organically sourced which is 47.59 %.
  • Nonetheless, there’s a 35.83% share of that’s direct visitors. That is adopted by an 8.61% share from referral searches.
  • Different sources of visitors to Apple.com embrace social (3.0%) in addition to paid search (2.41%) mail (1.29%) and show (1.24%).

By Social Media Site visitors


(Reference: similarweb.com)

  • YouTube has the very best social media referral fee on apple.com, leading to 28.21%.
  • Twitter and Reddit contribute 22.32% and 15.99% of visitors share, respectively.
  • In the meantime, visitors shares despatched by Fb have been 8.61%, and Linkedin had 7.34% shares.
  • Different social media networks make a nominal contribution of 17.53%.

Apple Shops Statistics


(Reference: statista.com)

  • As of October 2023, greater than 270 Apple shops can be found in main states in america.
  • California has the very best variety of Apple shops, as much as roughly 54.
  • Complete variety of shops in several states is adopted by New York (23), Florida (18), Texas (17), New Jersey (12), Massachusetts (11), Illinois (9), Pennsylvania (8), and Ohio (8).

Well-liked Apple App Retailer Classes


(Reference: bigohtech.com)

  • Within the 3rd quarter of 2023, prime app shops classes in the usU.S. are Video games (339,568), Enterprise (224,740), Training (193,687), Way of life (191,230), Utilities (143,422), Leisure (125,550), Meals and Drink (90,477), Journey (82,658), Well being and Health (80,424), and Productiveness (72,158).
  • Different least most popular classes are Navigation (23,457), Stickers (25,467), Information (39,765), Reference (41,999), and so on.


After analyzing completely different segments of Apple Inc., it’s clear that the market is rising enormously and increasing its service sector globally. This model has coated greater than half of the market share because it manufactures all kinds of often used good merchandise with extra superior options like voice instructions, that are principally most popular by the younger era of our society. The market can also be predicted to realize extra upward tendencies within the coming years.

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